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By QLK Team
on Apr 18, 2022
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4 Tips to Help Your Hospital Embrace Clinical Innovation

The clinical world as we know it is in a constant state of flux. Everything from technology to care philosophy adapts continuously, bringing about new solutions and techniques that have the potential to maximize outcomes and patient care. However, it can be challenging for some fast-paced industries, such as healthcare and hospitals, to allocate enough time and resources to clinical innovation.

Unfortunately, if medical facilities cannot adapt, they will probably find themselves left behind. Finding effective ways to introduce clinical innovation to your hospital is essential in our evolving society.

How can your healthcare facility embrace clinical innovation without jeopardizing patient care? These tips might get some thoughts flowing if you are hurting for ideas.

Tip #1: Create a Strategy Where Clinical Innovation Is Welcome

The first step to embracing any new concept is to try to hammer out a plan that allows for it. "Formalizing your innovation strategy is critical," explains Adrian Zai, MD, director of research at Partners eCare, "You have to get leadership support from the very top to back you up. And to create an infrastructure that promotes innovation across your organization. Otherwise, you're just hitting your head on the wall."

This strategy can involve restructuring your leadership setup, adjusting the types of services your hospital can provide, and investing in new equipment. But without an established plan, very little can be done to execute these factors. This restructuring could prove to be a challenge if the current leadership is stuck in its ways, but with enough support, you could revolutionize the hospital's strategy.

Tip #2: Keep an Eye on Development Trends in Healthcare

Wanting to be more innovative with your hospital resources is one thing, and understanding how to do it is another. There are advances in clinical technology and practices every day, with new resources becoming available for use by hospitals as a result. However, not every advance will see the light of day as competing products and practices might outpace them. This constant innovation means it is vital to distinguish between what has promise and what is simply a fad.

Reports have shown that telehealth and personalized medical services will be high-growth services, with artificial intelligence and cloud computing becoming standard tools. Therefore, being aware of the growth rate of these clinical innovations is extremely important to ensure that your facility remains relevant to modern patient care.

Tip #3: Find Innovative Funding Avenues

Clinical innovation is most often supported through finances that provide the resources hospitals need to render service. Unfortunately, this type of funding is already challenging to secure, given how competitive medical funding can be. It never hurts to try to think outside the box when you are looking for financial support for your facility. Hospitals have a long history of establishing relationships with educational institutions and private investors to access capital and equipment dedicated to their needs.

Some of these benefactors can even access resources that are part of the innovative trends we have previously discussed.

Tip #4: Hire a Chief Technology Officer to Manage Innovative Tools

Technology is essential in the medical field as medical technology helps to manage what an individual cannot. However, integrating this technology, especially newer types that might not have a great degree of history in the field, is a challenging endeavor. Fortunately, a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) can help simplify that.

CTOs oversee the technical aspects of the hospital and are responsible for the installation of technical systems throughout it. They do so optimally and seamlessly for any existing systems to maximize efficiency. Keeping a C-suite-level employee like a CTO on the payroll allows you to integrate innovative new tools into your hospital with minimal issues.

Find Your Next Innovations Leader

Innovative technologies and practices are constantly on the rise, and finding new techniques to promote them in your hospital is essential. While funding and strategies can be challenging to formulate, they are critical to maintaining clinical innovation. However, recruitment can be a genuine struggle when it comes to hiring for positions that can facilitate innovative technologies and practices.

Quick Leonard Kieffer can offer solutions to help find people who can fill roles like the CTO. If you are looking to improve the number of professionals on staff capable of innovative integration, contact us today.