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By QLK Team
on Apr 16, 2019
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The Fastest Growing Occupations in the Healthcare Industry

2018 has been a year of significant growth in the healthcare industry. One substantial contributor to the growth in healthcare is the increase in volume brought upon by the aging baby boomer population requiring care. Another, is the dramatic increase of non-doctor jobs that have entered the industry, allowing organizations to be more efficient in providing care. The booming economic climate in healthcare is expected to continue growing, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting a job growth rate of 18% among healthcare occupations by 2026.

Here are some of the non-doctor occupations that are growing the fastest in the healthcare industry.

Nurse Practitioner
Nurse practitioners are quite valuable to healthcare organizations due to their ability to provide similar care as a physician, at a much lower compensation. The journey a pre-med student must travel to become an M.D. is long and extremely difficult, which is driving many pre-med students to take the N.P. route instead. The combination of receiving an increase in attraction from students and many open jobs is a recipe for continued growth for the nurse practitioner occupation.

Surgical Technician
Advancements in medical technology and surgical procedures have led to an increased number of operations. Surgical technicians play an integral role in ensuring surgeries go according to plan. Surgical technicians prep the operating room, keep equipment sterilized, and pass medical instruments to the surgeons during the operation. Healthcare organizations can count on adding plenty of surgical technicians in the coming years.

Marketing Director
There is no better time to commit resources to your organization's marketing efforts than when the market is growing. With the healthcare industry thriving, and more competition entering the space, the timing is ideal for marketing talent to showcase an organizations brand.
The person charged with hiring all of that marketing talent is typically an organization's marketing director. As the nature of marketing and the behaviors of patients continues to trend more digital, look for marketing roles with a digital background to continue growing in the healthcare sector.

Pharmacists & Pharmacy Technicians
With an increase in volume at healthcare facilities, there will naturally be an increase in pharmaceutical orders to fill. As the healthcare industry continues to grow, organizations will need to bolster their staff of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. The good news for healthcare organizations, is more college students are choosing pharmacy than ever before, so the volume of candidates should match the high demand and pharmacy technicians do not require degree certifications, therefore organizations can typically fill the roles quickly.

Business Analysts
While business is booming in the healthcare industry, there is a widespread effort to find a way to lower the cost of care. One role that will be hard at work identifying business strategies that can offer patients lower prices will be business analysts. Specifically, business analysts with strong backgrounds in healthcare analytics are in high demand today and will continue to be in demand as the industry continues to experience growth.

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