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By QLK Team
on Jun 14, 2021
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How Boutique Recruitment Firms Compete with Industry Giants (And Win)

The healthcare industry is vast, but it can feel small when you need to make a high-impact hire at the executive level.

Top talents aren't easy to come by, and it's possible to end up chasing your tail during an endless recruitment journey. But you need to fill these roles. Without people in leadership positions, there's no big-picture vision or forward momentum.

A typical knee-jerk reaction is to go to the global industry giants such as McKinsey, BCG, and Bain. After all, they're the first recruiting names that come to mind, all sharing a reputation for finding top talent promptly and efficiently.

However, what seems true at first glance isn't always the case.

Just because the massive players have name recognition doesn't mean they'll automatically give your organization what it needs. In fact, you'll find that these firms generally employ MBA graduates without much real-world experience.

Beyond that, in the age of Google, the information advantage that recruiting giants once held no longer exists. Furthermore, the biggest names in the recruitment space haven't fully embraced new technologies.

As a result, boutique recruiters have become an increasingly viable option for tactical players in the healthcare industry.

This blog will examine the advantages your healthcare organization will experience by aligning with a boutique recruitment firm:

Flexing Creative Muscle

The likes of McKinsey, BCG, and Bain aren't without creativity. However, they've created a tried and true system that's almost plug-and-play at this point. And power to them.

These places have to base their approach on the assumption that they're already the best. Therefore, tweaking their strategy and coloring too outside the lines questions the very system they've spent decades building.

These "name brands" dictate "how things are done." It doesn't benefit them to dig deeper than that.

Conversely, boutique firms have the freedom to throw ideas at the wall. For instance, there's Innosight, a boutique firm that spearheaded the industry disruption trends still prevalent today.

Specified Expertise

The youngsters recruiting at the big 3 firms might be ambitious, intelligent, and focused. But they don't have the experience or field-specific expertise you might be seeking as a healthcare organization.

One German firm called consensus clinicmanagement focuses on hospitals, with 3 partners that practiced as doctors. And the 4th partner was an executive at Europe's most well-known hospital group. Beyond that, they have 70 specialized employees--this helps them achieve scale in the relevant market space.

That type of industry-centric expertise plainly can't be matched by the big 3. The McKinsey's of the world spread themselves thin, trying to dip toes into every space they can.

Whereas a boutique firm can provide laser focus into the healthcare space (like QLK). Meaning all their employees spend each working moment immersed in your industry. They aren't getting pulled in a million different directions, trying to wear multiple hats at once.

Pushing for Industry Disruptions

Of course, industry giants have figured out new and exciting ways to gather and store data. But their processes and methods are still essentially the same as they have been for decades.

Conversely, a small firm like Strategyzer - for instance - developed online tools for its clients, helping them build entire business models. Starting with a free trial, customers can move onto masterclasses and additional services afterward.

Right now, initiatives like what's being offered at Stategyzer are in their infancy. Yet, that's where industry disruption begins. The fact is, by partnering with a boutique recruitment firm, you give your healthcare organization a chance to get in on the ground floor of something revolutionary.

More Personalized Services

McKinsey has 30,000 employees, meaning they service more than you could probably imagine.

Thus, it's easy to imagine becoming just another number by aligning with one of the more mainstream agencies.

Boutique firms aren't inundated with thousands upon thousands of clients. Their focus is primarily on you. And - from the CEO down to the most entry-level talent - everybody is accessible. They'll know the ins and outs of your healthcare organization, so they can provide more thorough recruitment services to help you find the candidates that best fit.

A high-performing boutique recruitment firm with expertise in the healthcare field can be hard to come by--unless you already know about QLK. We provide expert talent solutions across the healthcare space--contact us today to find out more.