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By QLK Team
on Nov 18, 2019
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How Healthcare Candidates and Healthcare Organizations can Adapt to the Evolution in Executive Search

As Bob Dylan put it, "For the times they are a-changin." How true that sentiment is in the world of healthcare executive search. For both healthcare talent looking for new opportunities, and healthcare organizations looking for dynamic leaders, it's imperative to understand how the landscape of executive search has changed and to approach the hiring process accordingly.

Here are some tips for adapting to the evolution in executive search.

Candidates: Embrace Increased Visibility

The internet has made job seekers far more visible than they were in the past. That can be both good news for healthcare professionals, and bad news. The good, is that by taking advantage of the increased visibility, healthcare talent can showcase their qualifications to a vast number of potential employers. The bad news: the same is true for all of the healthcare professionals who will also be vying for the jobs you want. However, the effect of the latter is far less prevalent in a candidate-driven market such as the one in healthcare today.

In today's executive search landscape, recruiters and search teams will be taking a deep look at candidates before they ever pick up the phone or send an email. Ask yourself this: how will you project as a candidate when they come across your profiles?

It's never been easier to broadcast your talents as an executive. Take the time to ensure your online presence is top notch.

Candidates: Know Your Strengths

More and more, healthcare organizations are choosing to have qualified candidates take personality and leadership assessment tests as a part of their hiring process. Strength Finder, Meyer Briggs, Predictive Index—there's no shortage of highly-sophisticated assessment tools available for employers. To be prepared for these assessments, healthcare talent needs to know their areas of strength.

Candidates don't want to send mixed messages. If you're not sure what assessments like these will reveal about you, you run the risk of doing just that.

Employers: Know how to Sell Your Organization

Healthcare employers have access to a much wider range of talent in today's executive search world. But at the same time, talent also has access to more organizations, so you'll need to know how to sell your organization to compete for talent positively.

In many situations, other healthcare organizations are approaching the same executive talent you're recruiting. For your organization to stand out as an employer of choice for healthcare talent, you need to have a firm understanding of your employer brand and know how to communicate it to candidates effectively.

Candidates and Employers: Be Honest & Transparent

Here's one that applies to both healthcare talent and healthcare employers. Always be honest and transparent during the recruitment process. That may sound like a no brainer, but it's more common than you might think that both talent and search times are less than fully transparent.

From the talent's POV, ensure that you are providing as true of representation of yourself as a candidate as possible. When interviewing for a job, some healthcare talent tends to mirror the expectations and demands of the role, as opposed to their authentic selves. While this could help you edge out the competition and land the role, once you're in the role, you'll realize that you're not the best fit and you may have some regrets. Trust in your abilities and skillset, and the right role will come your way.

For employers, a common mistake is to oversell the role. You don't want to look at your organization, and the ground situation of the leadership role you're hiring, with rose-colored glasses. By concealing some of the challenges of the role during the hiring process, you run the risk of coming off as fraudulent to talent. Healthcare leaders are not disillusioned and understand that every role and every organization will have challenges. Present them fairly, and you'll land a leader who is ready and willing to take them on.

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