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By QLK Team
on Jan 21, 2020
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How In-House Talent Acquisition Leaders & Executive Search Firms Come Together

By nature, recruiters and hiring managers are related. Both exist to source quality candidates quickly and efficiently, and both stand to benefit professionally from successful collaboration.

But even relatives can get on each other's nerves, and often this can be where the commonalities end.

It's hardly a secret that recruiters and hiring managers can be found at odds with one another. Maybe communication isn't where it needs to be for both parties to be successful, or perhaps the timelines are unrealistic. Whatever the reason, collaboration can be highly stressful in pressurized situations as both parties can struggle with expectations and results.

But tensions among coworkers can rise at any time regardless of industry or job title, which is no surprise to anyone.

There are (in fact) many ways in which in-house talent acquisition leaders and executive search firms can and do come together.

We're here to highlight some of those strategies, clear up all of the doom-and-gloom misconceptions, and shed some light on how both parties can work in concert to come to shared solutions.

What Does Each Side Bring to the Table?

In this unique working relationship, both parties bring valuable skills and knowledge to the table, and it's essential to identify what those are, appreciate them for their worth, and commit to synergize them with the skills and knowledge of the other party for the good of the search.

The in-house department is best situated to be able to leverage their institutional knowledge surrounding the organization and the small, nuanced intricacies that contributed to the role needing to be filled in the first place. They understand the scene, and the players involved better than anyone. They also have a firm grasp on compensation, benefits, and onboarding policies, which all play a huge role in securing the right candidate.

The external search firm, on the other hand, offers a fresh perspective on the candidate pool within the external marketplace and are able to vet candidates with an additional layer of thoroughness and scrutiny. Recruiters are also able to have a different sort of relationship with candidates than the relationship they would have directly with the hiring manager. This allows for more candid, personal conversations regarding the challenges and opportunities surrounding the organization, enabling for a more accurate evaluation of candidates and a deeper candidate experience overall. 

While individually both of these skillsets are tremendously valuable, the true potential is unlocked when both sides are able to combine each other's strengths effectively.

How Can Internal and External Partners Combine Their Expertise to Identify and Acquire the Right Candidate?

Communication, trust, and transparency are all paramount for the working relationship between recruiters and in-house talent acquisition teams to be as successful as it can be.

Internal and external partners must continue to bring one another to the table while working with the decision-makers to select candidates that help the search process to move forward. Both parties have to trust and stay true to a process that relies on full transparency of candidate slates or potential roadblocks like salary misalignment or relocation issues.

What Do Search Firms Provide That In-House Recruiters Don't?

While both parties are extremely experienced at working within their industries, there are a few things that external recruiters offer that can make their internal partners' lives a lot easier.

Recruiters can offer external networks that provide backdoor referencing and access to a wider candidate pool. External recruiters are often better connected with passive candidates, which is incredibly valuable, especially in tight, competitive labor markets like today.

Additionally, external recruiters typically have a counselor-like relationship with candidates, serving as advisors to candidates throughout the search life cycle, and allowing the relationship to survive sensitive areas like the negotiation process.

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