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By QLK Team
on Jul 27, 2021
Why Outplacement Could be the Most Important Insurance For Your Brand

Recently, QLK was excited to announce our exciting partnership with BPIgroup.

Together, our two organizations will provide clients with best-in-class career transition services.

The focus of these outplacement services is protecting your brand as employee-focused when a given worker (or workers) leaves your employ. This benefit is critical because word of mouth spreads fast and far. And most candidates will look into reviews from former staff before selecting you as an employer.

Your departing employee could be leaving for any reason--good, bad, ugly, or anything in between. Regardless, reliable transition services keep your employer brand intact.

This way, no matter the circumstances of an employee departure, you'll still be attractive to other high-level, difference-making candidates.

Below, this blog will explore in further detail why outplacement/transition offers unparalleled insurance for your brand:

Taking Care of Your Former Talent

Employees aren't some "out of sight, out of mind" entity. They are people who are severely impacted by being let go.

Regardless of why you've severed relations with a talent, transition/outplacement services ensure you aren't throwing someone out to the jungle to fend for themselves.

Being unfeeling about severed employment is bound to rub former (and current) staff the wrong way.

With those pitfalls comes poor reviews and ongoing damage to your reputation. Alternatively, as highlighted by an article from Entrepreneur, outplacement services help guide displaced former employees to find a new role somewhere else.

Just because things didn't work out between a talent and your company doesn't mean you can't help someone grow and maintain a positive relationship.

At the very least, you'll avoid negative reviews on platforms like GlassDoor. However, it goes a bit deeper than avoiding lousy PR. Instead, you're fostering a positive culture of growth, even when things don't work out with a given team member. Word about those types of traits spreads just as fast as any negatives.

Getting More Value From Current Employees

Another positive of transition/outplacement services - as pointed out by Entrepreneur - is offsetting the stress during a round of layoffs.

After all, your remaining staff will have worries about their own job security when so many others are let go. They'll also be concerned about heightened workloads and the bumpy road that's often caused by these transitions.

As such, impactful communications and resiliency training for remaining staff should be top priorities.

Transition services have the resources, best practices, expert advice, and programs to help ensure your organization's approach remains empathetic. From there, you'll keep morale and productivity high.

Attracting Top Talent

Finding high-level talent that can make a long-term positive impact on your company is already challenging enough. Speaking to that point, 50% of surveyed HR managers claim they can't find qualified candidates for various open positions.

Given the delicate nature of bringing on top talent, you can't afford to have your reputation tarnished by a poor employee review.

Consider these stats: before applying for a job, 91% of surveyed candidates look for one online or offline resource to establish a feel for an employer's brand. Furthermore, about 80% of candidates won't apply to a 1-star rated company.

While pay is crucial, culture is the other deciding factor for top performers (especially millennials, who now dominate the workplace).

As highlighted by Intoo, expert outplacement services help your organization convey the honesty and ongoing care that high-performing candidates want from your brand. It also proves you respect employees and focus on their long-term development, which will help you retain your top-tier hires.

QLK doesn't only provide outplacement and transition services to your company. We also recruit top executive talent in healthcare. Contact us today to find out more.