Board Leadership

  • QLK places board members onto private and public boards across the healthcare sector. Clients utilize QLK to identify and evaluate potential outside board members, and realize that the impact of board independence on shareholder results has proven a contributing driver in raising profitability. When client Boards put the interests of the shareholders before the interests of management they reap the benefits of higher company performance.
  • Board succession has been a recurrent challenge for many organizations. QLK is steadfast in holding high standards in identifying candidates who, beyond meeting the requirements, have elevated ethical and collaborative qualities and have the experience necessary to fill any board committee gaps. Clients who partner with QLK benefit from objective, strategic and market perspectives, the results of which bring to the Boards exceptional talent and long term value for the organizations.
  • In the evolving climate of higher accountability, Boards pay thoughtful attention to its makeup and dynamics. QLK provides recommendations that have worked to enhance the value its board members bring to the organization – driving profitability.
  • The quality and diversity of a Board will undeniably prove to be a strength or a weakness for an organization. Companies needing both high caliber and diverse talent to serve on the board consult with QLK to collectively identify the qualities and experience that will advance the organization by providing current and previously untapped perspectives.

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