Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As a firm, we are committed to and take pride in helping our clients build more diverse teams and inclusive cultures. Recent studies have shown that although progress has been made, companies are still falling short of their potential when it comes to diversity and inclusion (D&I). When new clients provide us with the directive to ensure the slate of candidates we present to the search committee is "diverse," we first seek to understand what D&I means to their organization, on a variety of levels. During our intake sessions, we ask the following questions:

  • How does your organization define diversity and inclusion?
  • Does your organization have a system-wide D&I strategy with clearly defined policies and procedures?
  • Are the leaders at every level of your organization publicly committed to this strategy, and how do they communicate it?
  • Has your organization developed systems of accountability and tools for measuring results?
  • Is your system-wide D&I strategy incorporated into your talent acquisition plan?

We have found that D&I cannot be a mere compliance obligation for companies; they must advertise the potential commercial benefits, but only if D&I is truly embedded into the organization's "DNA." When there is 100% ownership at every layer of a company, best practices organically emerge. By also adding D&I targets to leadership performance criteria, tangible progress will be observed over time. Studies show that organizations which have a diverse workforce, an inclusive environment, and a proactive, authentic approach to D&I, experience a variety of benefits; these organizations are better positioned to increase employee engagement and creativity, compete on a broader scale, understand their customers, empower their workforce, strengthen brand awareness, innovate, and improve financial performance.

If a client's motivation for having a diverse workforce is simply to mirror their customerbase, the recruitment and retention of diverse candidates will most definitely be hindered. Having a thorough understanding of your D&I strategy and approach will assist us in "telling your story," and it will improve our ability to attract the robust, varied group of candidates you desire. As part of our recruitment strategy, we utilize a variety of tools and resources to access and engage the industry's most sought-after minority executives. In view of the fact that QLK is the only search firm with a managing partner who serves on The Institute for Diversity in Health Management Board of Directors, our clients benefit from the access we are provided by way of that relationship. We are also members of every minority-specific professional association, and for all of our searches, we advertise our clients' job opportunities on those associations' career portals; in addition, we network with and source our fellow members. All of these efforts have resulted in an average of over 50 percent of our placements being female and/or individuals of color.