Fall 2014


From Hospital CEO to Mayor of Detroit: How Mike Duggan Is Rebuilding His City

Managing a hospital system isn't something you'd expect to find on the resume of the typical mayoral candidate; however, for Detroit mayor Mike Duggan, being a former executive for a major hospital system is just part of his illustrious leadership experience.


Population Health Management Creates Need for New Roles in Healthcare

In an era of healthcare reform, hospitals and health systems have begun the journey to transform the way care is delivered. In the future, providers will be held accountable for both the cost and quality of care they provide and for improving the overall health status of specific populations. These changes will require new capabilities and ways of thinking, economic models that reimburse providers in different ways, and management skills that encourage innovation and align clinical and operational resources to improve outcomes and efficiency.


Executive Leaders Key to Physician Engagement with New Healthcare Structures

In a recent article published in the Harvard Business Review, Thomas H. Lee and Toby Cosgrove examine the new challenges confronting healthcare leaders when faced with motivating physicians to react positively to newly emerging innovations in healthcare.


QLK News

Quick Leonard Kieffer is pleased to announce that Courtney Lada has been promoted to partner at QLK.


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