Position: Vice President, Strategic Business Analytics

Location: Chicago, Illinois


Founded in 2012 by Abundant Venture Partners, AVIA runs the nation's leading network for health systems seeking to innovate and transform through digital strategy. Through its growing, multidisciplinary team experienced in medicine, care delivery, technology, strategy, innovation, and venture, AVIA brings together progressively minded health systems to solve pressing, shared challenges that are ripe for digital innovation. By leveraging digital solutions at scale, AVIA is helping health systems address numerous issues such as clinician burnout, consumer engagement, remote monitoring, Medicaid, social determinants, mental health, post-discharge, and patient access. As an accelerator AVIA is positioned to boost their innovation capacity and achieve scale. Member health systems are also able to achieve clinical impact and financial results through avoiding errors in implementation or due to indecision, using best practices to achieve scaled success, and measuring their returns to drive greater investment.

Because AVIA's primary goal is to identify the digital solutions that can best meet its member's most important challenges, members' needs dictate the market segments that AVIA explores and the solution companies that it engages.

AVIA addresses health systems member questions such as what is possible with digital innovation, where they should start, whether they are making the right technology decisions, how they can successfully implement and scale, and how they can measure success. The company's collaborative model helps members identify, deploy, and scale the best digital solutions to achieve accelerated action and greater confidence through leveraging the knowledge of the company's network to arrive at smarter, faster decisions.

AVIA prepares health systems for success by aligning key stakeholders, building the business case, vetting solutions and mapping out the projects. In addition to aligning stakeholders within each system, AVIA's process draws on the collective knowledge and experience of forward-leaning healthcare organizations across the country. 


Job Description:

The vice president for strategic business analytics will develop and drive the platform from which to build customized and ultimately scaled digital solutions capable of producing the ROI for health systems not previously achieved. This role requires deep familiarity with the expectations of CFOs, COOs, and other health system C-suite leaders responsible for allocating organizational resources.

Within this context, the VP will determine how to find, assemble, and create an evaluation of digital solutions for health systems, so that the health systems can efficiently build data pools, reports, and analyses. This first ever platform will allow AVIA to bring quantitative metrics to support the organization's value proposition. By leveraging expertise in the financial and operational analytics of a health system, the VP will develop strong business cases and clear ROI models to position digital solutions in order for health system decision-makers to assess the potential merits of a digital acquisition. The VP will possess a unique set of skills that include a successful consultative approach having worked within or for health systems; the client-facing and strategic consulting nature of the opportunity provides the VP market exposure, knowledge of trends in healthcare and visibility to senior leadership representing some of the largest health systems in the country.

Search Team:

Patricia "Patti" Hall
Managing Partner

Joe Johnston

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