Our Process

Quick Leonard Kieffer employs a tried and true process, developed over our combined decades of executive recruiting and search experience. Our team engages with premier clients around the country in identifying top-notch talent to complement our clients. We tailor our process to fit our clients' needs and provide flexibility within a framework. Our one-on-one commitment and proven search strategic process are reasons why QLK leads the country in average length of time to complete a search.

We welcome the opportunity to work with clients in determining a timeline and process that best suits their needs.

Needs Assessment

Our team works with you to first determine and consequently to understand the skills, experience, personality, values and style necessary for your new leader to succeed.

Position Specification

A profile is developed for your review and approval. This validates that we heard and understand what qualities are essential in your new leader, which, in turn, ensures we share our client's understanding of the assignment, as we begin to network for prospective candidates.


We already know many of our potential candidates. They are individuals whose careers we have followed through the years. Additionally, through careful research, we determine which organizations are likely to have the executives who could be exceptional leaders for you. Once we identify the organizations, we then target those types of individuals.

Candidate Contact

Our job is to reach out to qualified individuals, assess their leadership ability and draw them to your opportunity. The people we target already receive phone calls from search firms every week. The name Quick Leonard Kieffer, well-known in our industry, gets our calls returned.

Before committing to a face-to-face interview, we assess a candidate's motivation and make a judgment as to their strengths and weaknesses. We pride ourselves on being good stewards of our clients' resources.

Narrowing the Field

No matter how impressive a candidate's CV might be, the only true way to get a feel for his or her character is through a personal interview. Our interviews are designed to determine if a candidate has the qualities you need; including the skills, values, vision, cultural fit and confidence to meet the demands required.

Only after completing these steps, do we recommend a slate of semi-finalists for our clients to invite for interviews.

Client Interviews

For a select few candidates, we facilitate interviews with you. Before you meet a candidate, you receive a wealth of information about them, so that your valuable time can be spent on determining fit, style and so forth.

Making a final decision can be difficult. We are there to help our clients weigh their options. While the choices are always each client's to make, we are prepared to offer opinions and make recommendations.

When finalists are invited back for a second round, we help to structure their visits. We do this in order to provide an opportunity for the client to get a more in-depth, second look at the candidates and for the candidates to gain an equally in-depth look into the position, the organization and the community.

Completion of the Search

A good search can often result in a difficult decision. We remain active through this phase, helping you make a well-informed decision. We also stay in close contact with our finalists, to address their questions and concerns.