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By QLK Team
on Dec 28, 2021
5 of the Biggest Healthcare Recruiting Challenges in 2022

Healthcare professionals are increasingly difficult to come across as we move closer to 2022. Despite the valiant efforts of healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become no easier for new professionals to emerge and find the positions with the benefits they deserve. However, this shortage also leaves countless medical facilities short of staff and unable to render vital services worldwide. Moreover, as we progress into 2022, we face a wave of incoming challenges that will further make the hiring of healthcare professionals more complicated than it once was.

1 - The Shortage Will Persist

The sad reality is that the shortage of healthcare professionals will only worsen as we move into 2022. This shortage results from inaccessible education options and the exponential rise in open healthcare positions that make it impossible to find enough trained and educated professionals to fill open positions.

This shortage of professionals is one of the biggest challenges that healthcare facilities will continue to face for years to come. But, unfortunately, employers cannot easily overcome this particular challenge since no amount of effort on their part will increase the number of professionals available in the job market.

2 - Competition Will Be Fierce

Tying into the healthcare professional shortage, hiring from this select pool of candidates will be difficult in and of itself as each facility will compete with one another to hire healthcare candidates. In this regard, the high demand for skilled healthcare professionals will make it imperative for medical facilities to make themselves the most appealing prospect for the limited number of candidates. This issue is equally one of the more straightforward problems to overcome but is still challenging due to the number of facilities and openings.

3 - Accommodating Remote Employees

Remote work has become the norm to ensure the safety of patients and staff alike. However, this has led to many facilities updating their protocols to make remote work viable. As remote work becomes more widely accepted, facilities need to keep remote work in mind when recruiting new healthcare professionals. Being able and willing to accommodate remote work and expand their search parameters to remote healthcare staff will give your facility a better chance of acquiring the team it needs.

4 - Turnover Issues

One problem that is not going away any time soon is the high turnover rate in the healthcare industry. Healthcare has one of the highest turnover rates in the country due to the levels of stress and the lack of appreciation involved for specific frontline healthcare roles like nurses. Facilities must combat this turnover rate through company policies by understanding the needs of your healthcare employees and providing them with the necessary benefits.

5 - Trying to Go it Alone

The last major recruitment issue most facilities face is the stubborn attempt to go it alone and treat recruitment firms as a last resort. Most recruitment firms will tailor their search parameters to your needs. Relying solely on your own recruitment methods and talent pool to find new hires can cost you quality candidates. On the other hand, using outside firms can expand the pool of candidates to draw from and enhance your odds of finding a great new hire.

QLK Offers Healthcare Search Solutions

The healthcare industry will continue to see a great deal of strife and difficulty in finding qualified professionals. The shortage alone makes it an arduous task. If you are looking to take advantage of an outside recruitment firm to combat any of the challenges listed above, our team at QLK has made it our mission to seek out qualified healthcare talent and place them in your employ. So, contact QLK to learn how we can locate your next top healthcare talent.