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By QLK Team
on Feb 23, 2021
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How to Attract Top Healthcare Executive Talent in 2021

Through all the tumult of 2020, many executives within the healthcare industry have decided to stay with their companies during the pandemic.

It's a commendable sign of leadership to help organizations navigate these murky waters. However, it makes attracting high-performing talent all that much more difficult. As if there weren't other hurdles to manage when seeking out top-tier executives in healthcare, COVID-19 has piled on.

Furthermore, you're without the in-person networking events that once lent to seamless professional connections.

How are you supposed to bridge this pandemic-induced gap and attract these impact makers to your healthcare organization?

Read below as this blog discusses various methods and philosophies that will help you attract top healthcare executive talent in 2021:

Grab Executive Candidates' Attention with Enticing Perks and Incentives

Salary and benefits must be highly competitive compared to the current compensation benchmarks. While this approach is a no-brainer, the current challenges presented by COVID might act as deterrents. You must make space in the budget for an attractive dollar amount.

Money and benefits can't do the heavy lifting alone, though. They must be bolstered by incentive plans for improving upon your organization's:

  • HCAHPS scores
  • Patient scores
  • Market share
  • Revenue goals

Since the demand is high and the supply isn't what it once was, you'll want to extend your candidate search beyond local parameters.

As such, packages for relocating, moving, traveling, shipping, temp housing, and realtors should be favorable. Furthermore, when pitching your out-of-town executive candidates, focus on why your location is appealing for their lifestyle. Talk about geographic features, entertainment, and leisure as well.

You might be located in a less-than-desirable area. In which case, emphasize everything else that makes the area a worthy place to live.

Lastly, discuss perks that enhance work-life balance (e.g., wellness programs, gym, etc.)

Focus on Professional Mobility and Personal Reward

Executives aren't interested in lateral moves and staying in one place. They want to feel like meaning and growth exist within the role.

Thus, leadership support, training, mentorship, and feedback should all be featured as reasons to join your organization.

You'll also benefit from focusing on professional development and continuing education. The people you're trying to recruit are keen to build upon their skillset. They'll want to know there's space to do so within your organization. Awards, accolades, and advancements will be pivotal as well, as these all bolster any resume.

Ensure that motivations go beyond personal gain and rewards.

Intrinsic rewards (e.g., caring for underserved populations) can play a huge part in attracting executives. It lets them know where your values lie.

Talk About Why Your Organization is the Place for Budding Talent

Top performers want to work for companies with tremendous strengths. Traits such as little turnover and commendable performance metrics are appealing to ambitious talent seeking a thriving culture.

The future will be at the top of any viable candidate's mind—meaning technology and innovation are top priorities. Describe your achievements in these spaces or illustrate your vision to drive initiatives in such a direction.

Remember that you must be passionate and prideful about your vision, mission, brand, and culture. Executives want to know that you believe in what you're doing, and it's up to you to be infectious with your enthusiasm.

In 2021, diversity and equity goals are vital to your organization's standing with high-end executive candidates. Plus, this approach should shape your hiring at your company's leadership level.

Lastly, shine a light on your organization's reputation and the vastness of its industry networks, relationships, and partnerships. Your respectable standing in the healthcare community is one of the more magnetic features of your company.

Attracting Top Executive Talent is Entirely Possible in 2021

The pandemic has placed many obstacles in front of your executive recruitment initiatives for 2021. All the same, fruitful routes to top talent still abound for the savvy, innovative, and determined.

By applying the methods and philosophies discussed above, you'll give yourself a leg up in a highly competitive market.

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